Sunday, August 24, 2008

I’m sure you guys know about my new “job” and that it will enable me to experiment and experience with the wordpress platform. As far as I can see, it is going very well. They are certain things about the platform that I like and certain things that I find very troublesome. One thing that I absolutely hate is the FTP aspect of it. I guess it just takes a bit of getting use to the platform after the ease of using blogger.

Anyway, if there is anyone of you that might want to consider using wordpress, you guys need to get your own domain and hosting with a hosting company and there is this great article called “Tips For Choosing A Domain” that can help you with choosing the right domain name to fit your blog and niche.

Also check out their web host rating for 2008 and get some idea on the best hosting company around to serve your needs.

As for me now, I’m just having fun searching for wordpress templates and checking out all the features that wordpress have to offer. I’ll reveal the url of the blogs once I have some post going on ok. sengihnampakgigi


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