Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can someone have a negative effect on electronic goods? I know it’s sounds kind of funny but I think my mommy is, though only to telephones . gelakguling

My mommy is onto her 5th home phone right now ! Somehow or rather, the phone would work well when I’m around but the moment I leave, it would give her lots of problems. There’s that phone that answers by itself – no it’s not on auto-answer. There’s that phone that crackles like mad and there’s that phone that has the lights that won’t stop blinking and won’t ring!

The creme of it all was her mobile phone. You might remember that when I bought Miss VB, my mom got a new phone for herself too. The reason was because, her then current phone always has problems getting network signals . I totally understood her frustration as I actually see it happening in front of my own eyes. It would take forever to “connecting” and I guess I would get pissed off too if it happens to me all the time. So after she got her new phone, she told me that I could have her “old” – only 6mths old – mobile phone. Luckily it was one of those unlocked cell phones so I thought “OK’ as I could try it out and replace my own SG phone.

Guess what folks. The cell phone works miraculously well with me. I only switch on my SG phone for online banking transaction purposes while in KL but each time I do switch it on, it “connects” instantly to autoroam! In fact I had not needed to charge it even once since I got it, which is like 3months ago.

And now, mommy is experiencing the same problem with the home phone. She just called to say that it’s not working! Oh poor dear… good thing I’m coming home soon eh. kenyit


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