Saturday, August 16, 2008

I know I’ve written about C’elle before but I just thought that this is an important issue that it is worth writing about once again.

I mean, who would have known that our monthly cycle can be a miracle life saver? Who would have known that something which is considered a curse by some women because of the pre-menstrual syndrome, the cramps, the bloatiness, the nauseousness and everything negative that comes with it will be able to save a life, even your own life, one day!

After reading About the Science that revolve around this issue you would no longer regard it as something which is a great inconvenience. If before we only think of it as a necessity to reproduce, now we’ll think of it as a means to save lives.

Just head on over to the site and read about C’elle Client Testimonial and I am sure you’ll agree with me that “We Have The Power”.. The big question is .. “What are we going to do about it?”


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