Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When death strikes, all you want to do is mourn the person’s death. You want to forget everything else and just mourn. Financial issues are the last thing on your mind at that moment in time. However, as you move forward, reality sets in and everything hits home once again that life has to go on and you are faced with a multitude of your own issues as well as the deceased.

We were over at my in-laws the other day and we were shocked to find out that after the death of Azwaj’s uncle, over a year now, his estates matters are still outstanding. His land rights are still not settled and his family is still at a blur of what is happening. His uncle had this big piece of land that has been left abandoned after his death. I’m not sure about the legality issues of the whole matter but it is a great asset to have right now especially since prices have gone up with almost everything. I guess this is where programs like beneficiary advance would come in handy. I mean the inheritance are theirs, it’s only the processing that is taking too much time and with such program, the family does not need to wait for very long to receive the inheritance.

I just wish the trustee that they are working with can solve this problem for them. It’s over a year already.. and time for all to move on..


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