Monday, September 22, 2008

Over the weekend GP told me how happy she was but she did not elaborate why and instead asked me to wait for her “happy” post soon. So I waited patiently and last night she emailed me saying her “happy” post is out!

Yeay, it seemed Baby Issy, her niece, is back from the UK for the Raya holidays! Yihaa for GP!! She is so over the moon and you can so feel it her post. Makes me want to jump up and down too.. gelakguling.

So GP, by looking at her pictures, I figured Baby Issy has grown so much already. I’m pretty sure she would need lots of new clothes right? Perhaps you could get her some baby clothes so she could take it home with her when she goes off again. I think she would look great in this one..

What do you say??…heheh


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