Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I was on the phone with a friend discussing on where to get the best car insurance quotes when there was a loud knock on the door. Just as I had expected, it was the postman bearing my prize for being August Top EC dropper over at Emila’s blog. Yeay.. but more of that on my next post.

As I was saying, my friend needed advise on where to get the best car insurance for her car. She had one very bad experience with the insurance company she’s been using. It seems that they were excellent when it comes to paying premium and reminding her of due dates but not so efficient in service when it comes to customer queries and claims.

Earlier this year, she had hit this guy from the back. The guy asked for her car insurance details and made a claim against the company. Two months ago, she got a form from the insurance company asking her to fill out details of the accident. When she asked how much the guy company was claiming for, she was told, they could not divulge that information. She went berserk. I mean, here she is signing her NCB away and she can’t know how much the guy is asking for? She did not feel good about that. After lots of letters going back and forth, she eventually got to know the figure from the workshop that repaired the car. Crazy.. if only they told her the amount straight off, there would not be any delay in the insurance claim.

Anyway, I surfed a bit after the phone call and came across this site that offers car insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies. Unfortunately this only applies if you are living in the states though. All you need to do is fill out a simple form, click enter and you are given quotes from a few insurance companies that matches your particulars. Easy as that. At the site, you’ll also find tips on which cars are the easiest to insure, which cars are a favorite among car thief and how to save on your next car insurance.

I wished there were sites like this in Malaysia. Sure would make life easier..


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