Monday, September 29, 2008

We came back home at about 2am this morning and lo and behold what do we find? Both the lifts or elevators were stuck on the 10th and 7th floor respectively. Azwaj tried to use the override button but unfortunately this time it did NOT work. OMG! I can’t believe we now have to climb up 10 storeys to our apartment and on a full stomach as well!!


From what we heard, to REALLY repair these lifts, that has been giving us problems for so long, the maintenance company got to forked out RM2,500 per lift. There are four lifts altogether which makes the total cost RM10,000! The residents know that is a lot of money, but hey, we’ve been paying our maintenance cost and that is what it is for! For Godness sake, get a business loan, Get a Personal Loan, we don’t care, but get something done!

Ok, I’m really angry now because I am exhausted from all that “forced” exercise. I am so going down to their office tomorrow, all prepared with some business AND Personal Loans documentations to hand over to the managers. It’s about time someone does something!

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