Monday, September 08, 2008

You know, life is complex and difficult enough as it is. There are bills to pay, problems that have no solutions in sight and never ending ulcers that loves me to death that they come visiting every two months or so – yeah am having one humongous one right now on the inside of my left cheek nangih

So when things that makes life easy comes my way, it is welcomed with open arms. Things like three minutes mug cake that is not only easy to make but delicious as well. Things like when I called the uncle over at Pasar Rakyat and make reservation for my previous Singapore trip so that I don’t have to physically go down (exception in my case eh..sengihnampakgigi) and the online coach booking from Singapore to KL that takes the hassle of actually going down to the agency to purchase ticket for my return trip back.

And speaking of making life easy, how about making travel plans easier? Gone are the days now when you need a physical travel agency to make all your planning for you. You can now just sit in the comfort of your own home and explore any Europe, American or Hawaii packages that you fancy at your fingertip. Such sites like the one offered by BootsnAll, an all-in-one travel network site, offers great rates on airline tickets as well as cruise, vacation and travel deals packages. The site is also simple to navigate and booking a flight, be it domestic or international travel, is as easy as counting 123!

I love things that makes life easier..don’t you?


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