Thursday, September 25, 2008

Azwaj and his partners have been busy. Extremely busy actually kicking off their new project MyEvo.

MyEvo is a forum-based platform for our artist to unite and evolve in the music scene especially in Malaysia. There you can upload your original creation and even have your own fanbase. All songs uploaded can then be voted by listeners and this get ranked in the MyEvo charts. You can check out more About Us here (Just scroll down a bit ok).

Currently we are excited about MyEvo Fest that is happening on 26 October ’08 and songs that are in the top 20 ranks are automatically entered and the artist will get to perform that night! So if you are an artist, old or young, newcomer or even a veteran, this is your chance to shine and get the recognition you deserve. The site does not limit your creativity so feel free to upload even your punk genre songs!

The site also has a streaming radio where all songs uploaded will be featured. Just visit the site and click on the radio at the top right hand side of the page. It would only “pop-out” if you register otherwise the radio switch off when you move away from the main page.

Oh by way, look out for the radio segment called “Evo with LJ”… that’s me with a slight cold …sounding absolutely amateurish.. gelakguling

Support our local music scene!!!


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