Friday, September 19, 2008

Personal Loans are great to have and for being a great and valued member, meaning we use their credit card and pay on time, our credit card company was “kind” enough to offer us their credit card loan offer. Basically it’s kinda of like Unsecured Personal Loan where they add the amount that we cashed out to our credit card amount and we pay it back at fixed rate interest. As much as it handy and useful and all, we don’t think we will be taking it up as we don’t really need it right now. Besides the amount is not that attractive anyway.

What we do need is a real personal loan, like in a big amount, so that we can pay all out credit cards, and then some, and just pay off one loan. If you are in the States and considering something similar why not head one over to AfsLoansOnline dot com. There is no application fees and they need no collateral.

Just a thought.

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