Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You guy must know that I have six pets that I fondly refer to as my kids. They are Mufasa, Minnie, Nina, Anja, Aggie and last but definitely not least, Smokey. They keep me busy with their never ending request for attention and at the same time keeping me entertained with their many antics and different character. I love looking after them and have never thought as them as burden no matter how much vacuuming I have to do daily.

Some people may not understand this. Some people might think pets are nuisance and just unnecessary trouble. That is why I am thrilled to know people like Mariuca and Jean who totally understand what joy a pet can bring. And that is also why I love Zoo Too.

Zoo Too is actually a social networking sites for pet lovers. Once registered you get to meet other pet lovers, share experiences, learn more about pets and how you can be better pet owners. You can also help other animals in the process as this program donates pet food to animal shelter. Isn’t that awesome?

So if you are an animal lover, you simply have to check it out!


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