Saturday, September 06, 2008

While I was back in SG earlier this week, I visited my aunt who just moved to their new flat in Jalan Membina (somewhere in Lower Delta Road). Wow! I love everything about the unit. From the design to the furnishing to the view. Even the landscaping of the whole estate was beautiful.

Singapore homes have come a long way since I lived there. Nowadays, there are concept living meant to cater to the young and stylish. I felt like I was in a private condominium area instead of a typical HDB area. I wish I had some photos of the apartment to show you guys but I only remember to take photo after we left the unit and mommy was too lazy to go up again coz it was raining and all.. but I did get these photos of the rooftop playground (on top of the multi-storey carpark) on the 8th floor .. Awesome right?


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