Saturday, September 13, 2008

Now that my ulcers are all better, I was so looking forward to eating this particular Serawak dish called “KOLOK” that we found over at Bandar Baru Bandar Ramadhan market. All this time, I had to eat it slowly and tilt my head to the right while taking small spoonful. The food was yummy but the way I was eating it, was not sedih. And I am pretty sure when I am able able to enjoy it properly, it would taste even better.

Much to my dismay however, when break fast time came and I was all ready to enjoy my meal, the sauce that was supposed to be mixed with the noodle was no where in sight! nangih! Arghh!!! I was so frustrated. Luckily there was other stuff that I could eat otherwise I would be very very upset!!

Someone gonna get a good scolding tomorrow, that’s for sure!

PS: GP I’ll post a picture of it soon ok :)

Posted by LadyJava On Saturday, September 13, 2008 No comments


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