Thursday, November 13, 2008

One thing I hate about the riding the motorbike is when it rains! Like today for instance, we were ready to go out for lunch cum dinner, waited for the stupid lift that took like a whole 5 minutes to come to our floor, reached downstairs and whaddaya know when we got downstairs, it started to rain. Not those little drizzle that we normally just say “Heck it” but those gigantic droplets that would leave us drenched to the core of our being. nangih

So we decided we would wait it out upstairs since it looked like it’s gonna be while before the rain stops. We waited yet another 5 whole minutes for the lift to reach to the ground floor. And then it stopped on each floor coz some idiot had pressed all the buttons!

Arghh!!.. there goes fifteen minutes of my life!

Posted by LadyJava On Thursday, November 13, 2008 No comments


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