Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas is coming and with that so many kids would be getting their dream toys, provided of course, they’ve been good that is :)

Some have requested for computer games while some put in a request for that brand new bicycle. Then there are those that request for that all time favorite disney figurine as well. If I was a kid right now and can sit on Santa’s lap, I would request for the “Sleeping Beauty’s Princess Roomâ„¢”….LOL!

I’ve never had a doll house growing up and this looks so awesome. I mean, check out the picture above. Isn’t it just so adorable. I just love the canopy bed and the magic mirror. The box says there are 51 items! Can you just imagine what else is in there! Wow! I’m getting so excited…hehe

The price is reasonable too. It’s just too bad I don’t have a girl of my own otherwise this would so be on her wishlist. LOL!

I found this dreamy doll house and a few other fantastic toys over at MegaBrand dot com. If you are looking for toys for your own kids why not check the site out. You may even just find something for that little kid in you…heheh


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