Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another month has gone. And now we are right back where we started, the 1st of the month, only a different month. For those of you that actually do Halloween, I hope you guys had a blast. Want to know what I did last night from 8.27pm to midnight? Well I was out visiting Mariuca’s blog, commenting till I drop trying to secure my throne as TOP Mariucan yet again for the eighth month!

Like I mentioned in my post over at Life’s Pages, I had a strategy but it had to be executed only at the 11th hour to really make it effective and whaddaya know, it worked like a charm..LOL.. By 11.30pm I had already made top spot without anyone knowing it! Sneaky LJ… (pat pat)… LOL! I wasn’t going to step down without a fight! I was so heartbroken when Marzie commented:

Mariuca said… LJ, I oso heartbroken seeing LJ going completely off the list at one point, so thank goodness you’re back on. But yeah, it’s the end of an era!! After 7 months of reigning there, I might be crowning a new Top Mariucan at Mariuca in a couple of days! :):):)

Well Marzie.. I told you I was you number one fan..hehehe..

Whatever it is, I had fun chatting and getting to know all the other commenters as well, mostly the top 4 namely Debbie, Rizal, Grandy, Emila. You were all fantastic commenters and bloggers that had me on my toes this month! Worthy indeed!!


I WON!!! I WON!!! hehehe!


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