Thursday, November 06, 2008

I want to scream out.. I WON I WON!!.. so I shall.. I WON I WON!!! LOL..Wowee!!.. I am on a winning streak this month. First it was GP’s commenting contest that I won at the eleventh hour. Then I won a prize that is coming all the way from the States but will only post about it when the item arrive.

This time, however, I won the October Blognet Awards! I want to thank all those that voted me and express my thanks from the bottom of my heart. You guys RAWK!!!

Here’s who voted:
Jackie | Hicham |Sushi | Debbie | Bonoriau | Emila | Mariuca | ECL | Blue Crystal Dude | Indocontest | Dragonblogger | Farah | Dookie | Roxy | Marvic | Deep7up | Fred999 | Juliana | Jean |

I know Dragon Blogger won cash of $250 and Juliana won cash of $50 from their comments. Congrats to you both! Did anyone else win?


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