Tuesday, November 11, 2008

.. or why does anyone blog?

Blogging to me is an avenue to put my thoughts into words. It is also an avenue for me to jot down the happenings in my daily life. I used to keep a journal for that but then sometimes it’s fun to share stuff too. Besides all my relatives and friends are so far away in Singapore and this is a nice way to keep them updated. I also made lots of new friends that are turning out to be my BFF already :)

It is so easy to start to start blog. All you need to do sign up to any of the free providers around. I love blogger dot com. I’ve been using it since the beginning and it has evolved so much that I dare say it can indeed rival most providers out there. I now have some blogs with their own domain and some blogs still with blogger. And I’m still hosting all with them. After all they are free ;)

However some bloggers prefer a lot of plugins that wordpress have to offer and for that you need to have web hosting. I know that are some free providers out there that have the wordpress platform and I’ve tried them out but when it comes to blog design, they don’t offer the flexibility your own hosting could provide.

So if you are looking to blog and wants to do it on your own terms (or so most wordpress user claim to have), then why check out this article over at WebHostingGeeks dot com? The site reviews and rate hosting company each year. You can even see how users rate them.

So why do you blog?


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