Sunday, December 14, 2008

How I wish the title said, LJ, the Millionaire instead…lol!.. but seriously though, Azwaj just found out recently that his long lost friend, Bob, is now a millionaire.

Azwaj knows this friend, Bob, from his single years when he was manning a jamming studio in KL. Bob had a burger stall in front of the the studio and Azwaj would always let Bob jam with him when the studio was empty. Bob had always been a nice person and would always be bullied by his customers. They would order 10 burgers and only pay for 8 and he would still smile and let the situation pass. There was even one time when he was not able to conduct his business because someone stole his cylinder of gas! He’s humble and those that know him has only kind words to speak of him :)

After Azwaj left the jamming studio, he and Bob lost touch. Although he heard that Bob has been hanging out at another studio he knew of, both never really caught up.

Then recently, Bob met up with another one of Azwaj friends, M. M was the one who told us that B is now a millionaire. It seems a few years back Bob joined this multi-level marketing program and hit it big time. He is currently number 8 on the program’s high achievement list. Awesome right? Now he lives in a big mansion, has several Mercedes and BMWs and who knows what else!

I heard of people getting rich from MLM program and am even a member of a few myself but a millionaire?!!.. Would really love to hear how he does it. I understand Bob is now giving motivational talk as well! I just love successful story!!


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