Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The end of the year is as good a time as any for makeovers. Be it your hairdo, your wardrobe, your glasses and even your blog (ahem, ahem)!

I know I need a different look this year. I was thinking of cutting my hair short what with this hot weather and all but changed my mind as I kind of like my long hair now. Besides, it is already at a manageable length. I might change my mind later but I think I would keep it as it is right for now. As for wardrobe, I just did some shopping for Hari Raya so there are still lot of new pieces in there. So I figured I’ll changed my glasses. After all I had this pair for almost three years now and I think it’s time for new look!

I was looking around the Holiday frames at today. We all know of the fantastic prices that this site offers. They don’t use middle man so their prices are really cheap and affordable. I saw this nice and simple half rimless pair. I’ve always fancied these kind of frames but was always advised by opticians against it because of my high prescription. This time I think I would take the risk. After all the cost of frame and lenses would only cost USD19. Economical and stylish right?

Ok, excuse me now while I do my checkout :)


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