Saturday, December 20, 2008

As you know, I’ve been trying this new comment plugin from JS-Kit for 24 hours now. All I can tell you is that I love it! I’ve been dancing around so much that if I had wood flooring, I’d probably wore it out by now. LOL! As promised, here’s my short analysis.


  1. Commenting is now much more fun. We can reply to each other comments directly underneath it making it more like a personal conversation
  2. I’m in smiley and html heaven
  3. I can reply comments directly from my email if I put in my email address when I comment. This is by far the best feature for me as we all know how slow the internet can get sometimes so this really save me time!
  4. I can incorporate commentluv plugin into the JS-Kit comments as well like what I have done over in Life’s Pages
  5. You can rate comments if you like
  6. Easy moderation
  7. Easy to install and for some reason if I decide to revert back to the blogger style of commenting, I can do it with a click… AND.. no comments would be lost!!!

UPDATE on Pros : There is a “Add Picture” option.. Awesome.. though I’m not sure how much it affects loading time though… (let me know if it slows down my page ok guys)

I only found one. My Top Commenter widget is not updated with the latest comments.

That being said, Khris Loux of JS-Kit did leave me this message :

Hi LJ,
Thanks for test driving our Comment widget!
We have a side bar widget called Navigator that shows Recent Comments and highest rated posts (if you are using our Ratings widget, too!) It doesn’t currently show Top Commenter on the site, but I love the idea :)
I will put it in the development queue and get back to you on a release date!
Navigator is here:
Oh, we released FaceBook support so your readers can use their FB login and avatar.

Isn’t that fantastic news??!!!! Thanks Khris.. I’m sure me and my blogger friends wouldn’t have any reservations whatsoever to switch then :) and like I said in my comment back to you.. Thank you so much for such a fantastic plugin. It’s about time, developers consider us hosting at blogspot as REAL bloggers too :)

So peeps, that’s my analysis. For those of you that want this fantastic plugin, head on over to JSKit and get your own JSKit Comment Service. Holler if you need my help ok :)


PS: Love this find? Wanna buy me coffee?

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