Monday, December 01, 2008

I left Miss Fly (my laptop) switched on yesterday when I went to KFC to grab something for supper. When I came back, a fuzzy screen greeted me. This has happened a few times already but each time I restart her, all will be alright again. Since I was working on the blog makeovers, I did not give it another thought.

Last night, however, she refused to reboot. In fact there was not even any hard disk activities. I’m so worried now as all my data are still in there. I had actually wanted to do a back up yesterday seeing that I only had one makeover left but she DIED on me before I was able to do that!

So we are off to Low Yatt now to see if we can find any SATA cable so that Azwaj can try to retrieve my data before sending Miss Fly to the service center. Good thing she is still under warranty!

Good thing as well, I don’t break out easily otherwise for sure I would need sensitive skin acne treatment right about now.

So folks, if you don’t see me online for some time, you know what’s happening ya.

NOT so Cheerio…

PS: I’ll check out all MM entries as soon as I can.. remember LJ loves ya :)

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