Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yihaa!!! Miss Fly is home!! Miss Fly, my laptop is home. I’m so happy beyond words! It’s like my long long friend is back.. I don’t need to bother Azwaj with his pc anymore…LOL!!

I’ve been busy though. Before I sent her for repairs, I had removed all my data from the hard drive (can’t have strangers going through my data) and now I had to put everything back in. So.. I took the opportunity to clean up my hard drive and now it’s feeling like a brand new machine again!

According to the report slip, they replaced the motherboard. Lucky for me Miss Fly’s still under warranty otherwise it would have cost me something like RM1500.00 to replace! The counter girl suggested that I extend my warranty for a mere RM198.00 to cover another year of free service and parts replacement. I immediately signed up! After all, I intend to use Miss Fly for at least two more years so better to have her covered for sure!

Ok.. so now excuse me, while I catch some zzzz… Catch you later peeps!


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