Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I was experimenting as usual. This time with my feeds. I was going through my Google adsense account today and saw this option where I could place the Adsense ads in my feeds. I know that I am able to do it even with feedburner but I thought it would be much easier if I consolidate everything into one account and the program did say that I won’t lose any of my existing subscribers so I happily redirected ALL my feeds from to Guess what happened?!

From this figure a month back
(I actually got around 80 about a week back but I didn’t screen capture it)


this today!

Argh.. I hope it’s just a glitch and the figure would return to the actual figure otherwise I’m gonna cry! I should have experimented with my one of my other blogs. Oh well!! (knock on my head!)

On the bright side though, everything else in terms of set up and all, looks intact so keeping my fingers crossed!


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