Friday, January 16, 2009

Wow! Are things getting more expensive or cheaper these days? We were over at Low Yat a few days ago as Azwaj wanted to look for a new monitor and guess what! He got one Acer 20″W LCD monitor for only RM410.00! 20″! I remembered when 15″ LCD monitor was costing like RM500 and above! This one even has built in speakers and all.

Now I’m really jealous coz he can view multiple browser at one go without forgoing size and transferring data between two windows explorer is easy peasy now! Check it out!!

haha.. look at mah man’s screensaver.. it is an angry monster going round and round just waiting to run and move…lol!! Mah man’s can be cute too!!

Hmm… if I keep getting paid from Today.. perhaps I can afford one real soon ;)

Oh by the way.. this is LJL first star post!!! Soo.. First Commenter gets Linky Love!


First Commenter Gets Linky Love


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