Sunday, January 25, 2009

You can’t say you know me if you don’t know I’m a handbag freak.. LOL! I am I am.. I love handbags so much so that if we were to pass by the handbag departments, Azwaj got to grab my hands and push me to another department… lol!!

Anyway, this time I set my eyes on this fantastic changeable skin handbag call the Miche Bag. This bag is so awesome, it’s a handbag that changes skin. The bag remains the same but the skin can match whatever I’m wearing! You just “unclip” the current skin or cover, and clip on the new one. It is awesome that I’m drooling just watching it in action! I’m in handbag heaven!! LOL!

The only thing is they don’t ship to Malaysia or Singapore but they do have an online store in Australia and they even have an offer going on so I wrote to a friend who’s living there to see I could ship it there and then she can send it to me here! (crossing fingers)

Anyway, I’ve convinced myself that if I were to get this Miche bag I would not need another handbag again, well perhaps just the skin would suffice!

Order Miche Bag Online!
Isnt’t it lovely!!!??


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