Friday, January 02, 2009

My resolution for the new year is always the same each year. “Not to make resolutions”..heheh.. Believe me. I tried when I was younger but as I grow older (and wiser) I came to the realization that I never get around to doing any of them and then I get frustrated. Call it being silly. Call it lack of discipline. Call it anything you want but that’s just me.

However I can’t resist doing this fun survey and guess what!?.. It tells me exactly what I need to strive for.. new year or no new year.

The saving money part is not so I can afford a Ferrari (or even close to Ferrari parts) but I guess it’s great for rainy days and I do need to get fit and exercise especially with all that eating that I’ve been doing lately. So guess what.. I now have resolutions not just for the new year but for my life ;) How about you?

You Should Make 2 Resolutions

Save Money

Get Fit


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