Thursday, January 01, 2009

It’s New Year peeps! Time for reflections on what has happened all year long in 2008 and make it better this year.

Top 10 Highlights from last year included:

  1. I not only had my first hospital stay but also went through surgery in January.
  2. I bought Miss Fly and Miss Velvet Blue as presents for myself
  3. Fire on the 11th floor
  4. I thought Aggie jumped down from 10th floor balcony
  5. Mother’s vision deteriorated with age but recovering nicely
  6. MyEvo launch
  7. I became a DJ on MyEvo radio channel and did a voiceover for an animation series on TV3
  8. Started my very own Music Monday meme where participants would feature their favorite music video. Come join us next Monday won’t you.
  9. I launched my Blog Makeover business and set up portfolio blog
  10. Launched Gossip Galore and making nice income from there.

So that’s my round up of last year events. What’s yours?

Have a fantastic 2009 everyone!! May it be filled with joy, love, happiness, health, peace and lots of ka-ching for all of us!


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