Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It rained suddenly tonight as Azwaj and myself were having dinner at our usual joint. The place is very close to both Azwaj’s office and our home but since we didn’t want to get wet on the motorbike, we decided to just wait the rain out.

From where we sit we can see the parking lot easily and as Azwaj wanted to see if his partner would come tonight, we were actively sneaking looks at that area. At around 10pm (the supermarket had just closed, so the parking lot was empty) I saw this man exited his car and head towards a lane that Azwaj and I used on several occasions to the stall that we were eating at. It’s small lane formed by one of the supermarket’s wall and some flower beds. Anyway, he went straight with purpose to the wall and faced it. I was like “hmm”.. and asked Azwaj if he see what I saw.

Me: Hey do you think he’s peeing on that wall?

Azwaj: No way!! His hands are both on his waist. No way he can pee like that, without holding his organ.

Me: You sure? Coz what else can he be doing facing the wall like that in the middle of the night?

Azwaj: Hmmm

And then.. we saw the man correcting his stand and his pants and it seemed what he did was he placed his pants on his bum in a way so that he did not have to hold his organ while he peed. Wah.. such an expert!

Needless to say, we won’t be using that lane anymore!

* * *

On a more cheerier note, I did a minor tweak for our friend Grandy for her brand new blog, The Girly Anti-Geek. Check out the new look at LadyJava Creations :)


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