Sunday, January 11, 2009

I was so worried about my Top Commenter widget when I switched over to my new form of commenting, JS-Kit, early last month. It was sort of confirmed that I would likely not be able to use it again when I noticed no change in the figures at all after a day of testing. What I didn’t realise was that GP and the some other blogger friends were also experiencing some error with their own Top Commenter widget at the same due to some blogspot change of coding.

So.. I decided to just carry on with JS-Kit as I was having too much fun with it and see what happens. However, a few days ago GP informed me that her TC widget was working again and lo and behold, mine started to work too! So now I am surely gonna stick with JS-Kit.

I know some of you do not like JS-Kit as you find it confusing with the threaded version (see picture)

However, if you actually scroll down to the end of the comments, you’ll see this the “Control” button and you can click this and choose the “Flat” option and this would give you the same kind of commenting as blogspot offer.

You can also sort by date and search for a particular word or user. So you see, that is why I love it so much! Anyway… I digress… so here we go…


Here are my top commenters for December 2008. As a token of appreciation. I would be giving out 200ECs to each commenter! senyum

So here they are ..

  1. Mariuca
  2. Ane
  3. Monica
  4. ECL
  5. Roxiticus Desperate Housewives
  6. Bono
  7. Bintang
  8. Shiela
  9. Mize
  10. Farah Deen

Thank you so much for all your comment love and I’ll see you guys again this month!


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