Thursday, January 08, 2009

My sweet mommy called me last week all frantic. It seemed her favorite Indonesian tv serial, Wulan, has been taken off the air since the new year. It has been replaced without noticed by Tamil news. She and her sisters, who also followed the serial from their own living room, waited patiently after the news and still no Wulan. This went on for a week when mommy dearest couldn’t take it any longer and asked me to do some investigation.

Initially I did the “investigation” half-heartedly coz I thought it was a matter of days before they would show it again. However, when I called her two nights ago, she again repeated her request. I didn’t have the heart to let it go this time and so I did some digging. I searched RTM website and didn’t find any info. I even found the forum where fans of the series was distressed and voicing out their dissatisfaction over the change. But still I did not find any answers. So I googled it and was lucky enough to chance upon this website with the answer. I called her immediately and suffice to say she’s one happy woman today :)

So fans of WULAN.. listen up… they are going to air the show again starting:

13 January 2009
but on TV2 instead of TV1
at 6PM from Mondays to Thursdays!

Enjoy MOMMY!!! I love you!!


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