Sunday, February 01, 2009

Wow.. first month of the year is already over in a blink and before we know it, February is upon us. So without any further delay… here are my TOP 10 Commenters for January 2009. As a token of my appreciation all my Top Commenter would each receive 200 EC from me :).. Thanks so much for all your support and love for LadyJava’s Lounge!

So here they are ..

  1. Mariuca
  2. Mariuca’ s Perfume Gallery
  3. Ane
  4. Blue Crystal Dude
  5. Metz
  6. Monica
  7. Bintang
  8. Jackie
  9. Mize
  10. Shemah

Oh I also just got to know from GP about the first Top Dropper Day from Entrecard. Seeing how difficult it is to drop 300 cards daily, I just want to show my appreciation for all the drops you’ve given LJL. Thank you so much!!!

A Simple Life
Mommy’s Little Corner
Everything Under the Sun
The Modern Mom
moms….. check nyo
Cheapest Airfare
Life’s sweets and spices
Wishing On A Falling Star
Random Ramblings

Thank you so much for all your comment love and drops and I’ll see you guys again this month!


First Commenter Gets Linky Love from LadyJava.
Thanks for all your comments


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