Tuesday, March 03, 2009

When ECL came to me saying that she had post disappear from her main page, I was concerned for two things. One, that was my template and two, it was my coding.. but as I couldn’t replicate the situation, I was unable to solve the problem and each time I hop over to her site, everything was just fine and dandy.

Then as I was surfing today to another site that I had tweaked, I encountered the problem. Now this was a concern so I played around with the site a bit, click on some archived post and when that appeared, I knew there was something wrong. Was it really my coding? I just don’t know what it was. Then I hopped on to another site (this one I had not touched before) and the same thing happened. So I knew it must be Blogger! Phew! It was not my coding after all but still I had no real workaround until I found a solution at this site.

So basically a simple workaround to this problem is :

  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Click Edit on any Blog Posts element
  3. Click Save without changing anything
  4. That should do the trick

There are also reports on the Blogger support group on Google that publishing a new post helps as well.

I hope that helps somewhat till Blogger comes up with some real solutions ;)


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