Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I’m sure you guys know my mommy is here and and as such the once night owl LJ is now an early birdie for a week or so :)

Anyway, yesterday, while having breakfast, there was a knock on the door and it was the courier man and as we were expecting some pool toys for my niece, I didn’t think anything of it until Azwaj told me that the package was for yours truly! I was excited that I ripped the package apart and what do I find?

It was from Mr B.. Mariuca’s other half. He had mentioned that he was going to get me, as a birthday present, my favorite singer’s, Amy Mastura, autograph, and there is it.. staring at me right in the face. Woott!!! The other best thing about it was, it was on this truly beautiful unique notebook that had this bookmark thingy and though it would be so useful, I doubt I would be using it any time soon simply because it is sooo pretty!

Thanks B and Marzie.. how did you guys know I love notebooks too eh?? lol!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday present!! This is turning out to be such a Marvelous March!!


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