Friday, March 06, 2009

I was reading this article online the other day about how drinking tea could possibly prevent you from getting Parkinson disease. I’ve always loved tea and I guess this reason is an excuse to return to old habits. I was never always a coffee addict you know. In fact I never really liked the bitter taste until they start adding mocha, and whipped cream and what not into their coffee.. heheh..

Anyway, after reading the article, I am more determined than ever to cut down on my coffee intake. So, put on your lovely gowns and get your partner to dress in tuxedos and pretend you’re attending a lovely English tea party hosted by yours truly, with scones and sweets and pastries and drink that tea!


PS: My love to GP and Jackie who is experiencing some emotional time right now. Stay true and strong ya! I love you guys..

Posted by LadyJava On Friday, March 06, 2009 No comments


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