Sunday, March 01, 2009

I have been busy.. yes.. busy with commenting over at both my BFF’s blog at WOAFS and MPG. So busy that I’ve put everything on hold even posting, which is very unlike!

Anway, March is here and it is now time to announce my Top Commenter for the month. .. and it is none other than the BFF I was talking about earlier Mariuca!

This is a special moment for me and Mariuca as this month makes it the 12th times she has been crowned Top Commenter for LadyJava’s Lounge. It’s that awesome or what??!!.. Thanks so much Mariuca for making LJL your hangout and your commenting spot! So seeing that it is your 1 year anniversary here as Queen of Commenting, I’ve come up with a little award for you! I hope you like it!! heheh

I would also like to thank the rest of my Top 10 commenters in the order below, Ane, GP (again) Shemah, Gagay, Monica, Phatelara, Jackie, Bluecrystal Dude and Jean. All of you will be getting 100EC from me ya!

Thanks so much again for your visits and comments. See you at the end of March!


PS: It’s my birthday and wedding anniversary month peeps..
so enjoy the cake that’s on the table at the header ok :)
First Commenter Gets Linky Love from LadyJava.
Thanks for all your comments


Never Enuff Stuff

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