Sunday, April 12, 2009

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already again! Wow.. when was the last time I updated this blog? Oh well!!..fikir

Anyway, yesterday the lift played it’s awful stunt of us again. We planned to go and have our dinner at a nearby place. The place is open-air and it was drizzling. When we arrived from our walk, all the sheltered area was taken and it looked like we had to wait a while. So Azwaj suggested we take a motorbike ride to another place. We walked back to our apartment, went on the lift, opened our front door, grabbed our helmets, closed the door, walked back to the lift landing, pressed on the down arrow button and the light on the button refused to light! marah

Hmm.. ok.. we thought perhaps the button was “short” from the rain.. so we walked down from the 10th floor.

When we reached the ground floor, Azwaj reached into his pocket and lo and behold… he forgot to take the motorbike keys!!! The poor chap now has to climb up to the 10th storey while I waited downstairs. gelakguling

Anyway, to make a long story short, while waiting for Azwaj, I called the 24hrs life service number and lodge a complaint.. in hopes that by the time we returned, the lift will be fine again and I don’t have to climb the stairs once again. nangih

We went for dinner, detoured to the Al-Rajhi bank, bought some groceries and arrived back to the condo at around 11pm and guess what, the lift’s technician was in indeed there (hurray for customer service tepuktangan ) and the lift was working once again!!! Yihaa!!

End of story….babai

Cheerio and Happy Easter everyone!

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