Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A few days back we decided to check out ProtonXchange program. Basically the program was to offer potential customers a RM5000 voucher for cars that are 10years old and above to be offset with a new Proton car (minus their new model the Proton Exora).

As Azwaj’s Citroen is over 10years old, we thought it was a good deal. However, the terms are pretty strict. They just don’t want an old car but they want a WORKING and road worthy car meaning that the car got to go through the JPJ inspection, has a valid road tax and insurance cover. Now I’m wondering if our car is working well and road worthy.. why would I want a new car in this time of economic crisis? Go figure right?

Anyway, Azwaj is still thinking and since his Citroen does not have valid road tax or insurance right now (it’s has been sitting at the parking lot for a long time now), I guess he will think some more :)


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