Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our friend Pak Man, as we fondly calls him, is getting engaged very soon. Last he spoke to Azwaj, he was on the lookout for engagement rings. Now, we all know how ladies can get when talking about jewelery so Pak Man, here are some suggestions I would like to put forward so that your future fiance will love you even more! LOL!

For me personally (and hinting to Azwaj) this lovely “Signature Edge Diamond Eternity Band (0.42 ct.)”is the perfect icing on the cake and Pak Man.. it’s only USD614! (loose change for you right?!…lol)..or if she is the Solitaire kind of girl, how about the “3Diamond Engagement Ring with Side Diamonds” only worth USD1,239!

Happy Engagement Pak Man!!!


Psst.. Pak Man… A said just skip the engagement and go straight to the wedding and save on one ring ;)

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