Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yeay! I met another blogger friend last night! Trinity and her family, from Bandung, arrived safely from their trip to HongKong today.

Since Saturday is gonna be a busy day for us, me and Azwaj decided to meet up with Trin last night for dinner instead.. and I’m so glad we did coz it was so much fun as we had more time together :)

We had “Nasi Lemak” and “Teh Tarik” and then we went to “Petaling Street” and back to my place for Durian! How awesome is that right?? Super Awesome I tell you!

Trin! I’m so glad to have finally met up with you and your family dearie! I hope you had a great 4hours and will have an even better time at the gathering tomorrow! You’re such a great person to know and so pretty in person!! Love Ya!!

And remember, if you know Trin from her blog and wants to meet up in person, she will be at the Pavilion from 3pm to 5pm, 27th June!


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