Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I got an email yesterday from Trinity, who is in Hong Kong currently, that on her transit in KL, she was gonna leave me something at the concierge of the Dorsett Regency Hotel. So both me and Azwaj took a drive there tonight and went to grab my package. And looky what I got from the sweet Trinity. She knows I love cheesecake and and she got me Banana Cheesecake and Swiss Roll all the way from Bandung!

Having just had dinner, I’m too full right now to eat anything but I look forward to eating these babies tonight while I bloghop!

Thank you so much Trinity.. You’re the best!! And oh I so enjoyed Cliff’s drawing too!! lol!! so cute!!

PS: There’s gonna be a mini blogger gathering at Ikano on 27th June at 4pm per Trinity’s request.. so be there if you can ok :) LJ would be the one with the paperbag over her head!! (too many photographers for sure) lol!!


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