Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I love our new apartment, I really do but what I don’t love are the lizards and ants that come with it. Thank God for bathroom safety that Abah had made sure exist in the bathroom otherwise for sure I would slip and fall when I saw the size of the lizard looking at me while I peed! I guess that could easily be settled with the pest control.

However, one other thing that really bugged me are the monkeys. The apartment that I’m moving to is very surrounded by woods and with woods or forest or whatever you called them, comes monkeys. They come out during the evenings looking for food. A said they are most probably afraid of me more than me of them but I beg to differ as they always have this vicious look about them. I’ll for sure be carrying an umbrella each time I leave the house in case I need to scare them away!


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