Thursday, June 11, 2009


That’s right.. not only am I am eating way TOO much, I am also sleeping way TOO much too. I guess being physically tired really wears the body out. When I was just doing my online work, there was very little physical exertion on my body but with the impending move, all the heavy lifting, the scrubbing and the cleaning, I’m worn out by 10pm! All I want to do is just drag my tired soul to bed each night we got home.

That’s why we decided today was going to be a non-move activity day so although I’m still tired, I am not THAT sleepy.

On the topic of sleeping too much.. I read about this product called Stemulite. According to studies made, this product while not only good for weight loss and body fitness, it’s side effect is that it makes you sleep soundly! Out of all volunteers who took the product, almost all reported they were sleeping more soundly than before! One of them had actually stopped taking sleeping pills!

So if you guys are out to lose weight and sleep soundly at night, check out the product ok :)


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