Tuesday, June 23, 2009

…. because I have a forest for my front door! See the map below? See the forest that is just next to our new apartment?

Don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE our new apartment. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, it has a resort feel and fresh air BUT it also has monkeys! Vicious monkey in my opinion. Though according to A, they are more scared of me as I am of them. I beg to differ. I am horrified and terrified of them.

Just yesterday, we went out for early dinner and when we returned to the new apartment, it was around 6.30pm. That apparently was their feeding time too. As we approached our front door, we saw this HUGE monkey on the ledge of our corridor!! Horrors upon horrors he panicked when he saw us and did not know what to do.. he started to move towards us.. trying to find an escape route but when I screamed he panicked! He ran off to where he came from and started climbing up the water pipes and up to the next floor..

He, then joined his friends who was on the ledge of the same floor as us but on the other side and started taunting us! A was naturally mad while I was mad too.. with FEAR!!! I could have sworn I would have fainted if they came towards us..

I hurriedly opened the front door and gave a stick to A to chase them away.. He did but they did not seemed to waiver. A said it was probably because they smelled the fear coming from me and that was also the reason why they started to taunt us.. Argh.. I need me some pepper spray!!

See.. they are everywhere.. though during certain times only


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