Friday, July 24, 2009

Now that most of the boxes are unpacked, our new apartment is looking more and more like a home. No more tripping over boxes and no more searching high and low for stuff that I know I have but yet to find.. lol!

Next on the to do list is for A to fixed up our “Hexagon” unit. We have had this water filtering system for over five years now and we love it. It is water infused with oxygen and the water cluster is really small so your body absorb it more easily. Anyway, we went to Cosway today to get the replacement cartridges and was pleasantly surprised that we qualify for some discount. Instead of paying RM360, we only had to pay RM300.. Sweet!!

However, upon reaching home, A found that the water hose that he needed to hook up the unit to the water pipes was a tad too small and so now we got to go and get some slightly bigger ones. Oh well, I guess it’s bottled water for now..


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