Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I HATE LIZARDS… well.. more like SCARED of them rather.. lol! Though A can’t understand that he has gotten used to me screaming and shouting and going ‘EEEEEEEEWWW” each time I encounter one..

And.. today was no exception.. except A saw the two lizards first… fighting in the kitchen.. He told me very casually not to go to the kitchen and I was like.. Why? and he just smiled and as he grabbed his torchlight and insecticide say.. “there’s two lizards.. fighting in the kitchen and one of them was biting the other one in the neck!?” I went “WHAT!!” I immediately went to the kitchen and despite going “eww.. eww”, I still wanted to witness the fight and when A sprayed them with the insecticide… I, much like the lizards, ran for my life!

This is what one of them looked like “very much dead”.. the other one, much to my dismay, disappeared, no where to be found. I just hope I won’t find him dead in one corner later today!

Digusting little creatures… See his eww tongue!!!
Click on the picture to see them in all their glory!
Die Lizard Die!!

Oh btw.. A took this picture.. no way was I gonna come close to them.. even in death!


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