Thursday, August 27, 2009

The last time I bought me a new pair of shoes was last year and if I recalled correctly, it was this month too! So I think a new pair of shoes are in order right?

And to justify my getting some juicy couture flats or heels, is the fact that for no reason or rhyme, the right heel of my one-year old shoe is worned out.. not from too much walking, mind you, but because each time I ride on the motorbike (though I’m not sure how this happened) the heel rested on the stupid exhaust and “burn” the heels. It’s a wonder that my own heels are not worned off.. lol!

Though my shoes don’t look as bad as TH’s shoes that looks like it’s breaking into two.. lol.. I still think I need a get a new pair and sooner is better than later for sure.

So.. yes.. I am in need of new shoes now.. anyone knows where I can get a good bargain?


Posted by LadyJava On Thursday, August 27, 2009 No comments


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