Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We took back A’s motorbike from my in-laws place yesterday. After about two months of not riding on a motorbike, it sure feels good to feel the breeze in my face. I know for sure the thing I missed most about having the motorbike as our main mode of transportation is the speed in which we get all our errands done.

We were breezing around and although there were massive jam going on (as always in KL), we were hardly affected. Parking was also awesome as most places have motorbike parking lot right in front of the office building.

I guess the only thing that we have to be extra careful when riding the motorbike is that no matter who is right or wrong, if we are ever (touching wood) involved in an accident, we as motorcyclist will always hurt more! It would be so nice if we can install one of those push bars to the front of the motorbike. Sigh!

Am still glad we have M Yamaha back!!


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