Friday, September 04, 2009

I was dreaming that I was at my ex-company outdoor party and I was having so much fun with my colleagues. We were talking, laughing, eating and drinking and my bosses were happily puffing away on their Rocky Patel cigars. Then it started to rain and I could actually feel droplets of water on my face. I opened my eyes and only then realized the Pella windows was opened and it was raining and those droplets on my face were real! LOL! The rain was pretty heavy and as I closed my balcony door I could even hear the wind howling!

Fast forward a few hours….

I was in my kitchen washing the dishes and from where I was I could actually see my front door. I was staring at the corridor ledge and realized that something was just not right though I couldn’t pin point what it was. As I looked harder, I shouted out loud: “OMG!The Astro Dish is missing“. First thought was “Darn Monkeys!” but then I remembered the thunderstorm a few hours earlier.

I opened the door, and looked down and true enough, there lying on the ground floor was the Astro dish! OMG!! Luckily no one was hurt in the fall otherwise we would have been in big trouble! When A got home, that was the first thing he saw and he immediately went down again to grab the dish. It is now totally unusable.. Boo hoo.. there goes my tv program tonight!!!

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