Thursday, September 10, 2009

I woke up this morning all refreshed from my eight hours sleep last night.

I wanted to do my laundry (the machine is humming now), bathe at least one of the kitties (Awan is now all sweet smelling), check out some mortgage life insurance and followed by a session of my favorite daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful on utube. I have a favorite channel and the uploader is very diligent in her uploads which makes her very popular with the “Boldie” fans!

Anyway, I got my speakers switched on, and my pillow with me, hit the bookmark url and this terrible message welcomed me “The account has been suspended“!!!

The uploader has pre-wired us with this possibility a few weeks earlier but I was hoping later than sooner.. Boo hoo.. what will I do now?!

I definitely has a sad today!!…

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